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Death Made Me

Some people live each day as if it were their last, embracing every possibility. What if today was your last day? Have you lived enough? Barry never took chances. Today he tried. Katherine was out of his league: beautiful, kind, well-travelled. What would she ever see in him? Successful in his line of work, but sadly lacking in every other aspect of life. On his last day, he got his wish to be with Katherine. Only, fate bestowed a bittersweet irony upon him, forcing him to watch as she was mistreated by the one person he hated the most. Unbeknown to them both, Barry would leave a mark on Katherine's life that would impact generations of her family yet to come.

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Whispers in the Wine Cellar

Whispers in the wine cellar

A florist, an estate agent, a prostitute, a call centre operative, a wife and mother.

What could possibly link them all? A love of flowers. That was a start. A skilled florist, who uses his produce and charm to select his beautiful victims. Compliance is a must. You will be bound, you will be kept, you will be broken.

Failure to comply is not an option. Can they keep his interest? Can they follow his rules?

A distraught ex-husband, faithful friends and loving parents. The search has started, the clock is ticking. Who will survive of those that are missing?

"Brilliant, gripping, an amazing read. I Can't wait for the next one.

I absolutely loved this book and was gripped from the very first page. The author weaves an amazing tale of love and loss and the lessons learned in death. The writing is flawless and I loved the tone and style.."

Amanda Evans Author

"Wish I could give it 10 stars

What an exceptional story written brilliantly by the author. I was pulled into Barry's world instantly. Very cleverly, the second part was from Emily's perspective and was just as enjoyable. It has paved the way for the next part. I couldn't turn the pages quick enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and cannot wait for the sequel. Well deserved five stars."

Amazon Customer

"Looking for something different; look no further.

This book takes the ordinary and sprinkles it with the extraordinary to bake up a rainy day treat for people who are looking for more than just another predictable Romcom book. Highly recommended."

Amazon Customer

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Born in Leeds but currently residing in Worcestershire with her husband, two children and a Staffordshire bull terrier. Keeley Webb spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book, Roald Dahl books, Nancy Drew, The Never-ending story to name just a few.

In 2017 her Maternal Grandmother had a stroke, to deal with her grief Keeley started to write a book, loosely based on a dream she’d had. Death Made Me was published in 2017 and is available via The abundance of feedback and positive reviews encouraged her to write more.

Whispers in the Wine Cellar will be available to purchase soon.

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